Wedding Prices (6 Hrs)

Pricing includes a wedding consultation

2016 2017
DJ $1,100 $1,100
DJ + MC $1,250 $1,250
DJ + MC + Projector $1,500 $1,500
Function Prices
Note: Do you require a projector or screen for your function?
2016 2017
4 Hours $550 $550
5 Hours $660 $660
6 Hours $770 $770

School Ball Prices

Note: Pricing is for Monday to Fridays only and not Public Holidays or Eves

2016 2017
4 Hours $495 $495
5 Hours $550 $550
6 Hours $660 $660
School Disco Prices

Note: Pricing is for Monday to Friday only and not Public Holidays or Eves

2016 2017
3 Hours $440 $440
4 Hours $495 $495
5 Hours $550 $550
As you search other DJ Services sites you will notice that there are no prices to be found. Other DJ Services Companies will require you to contact them to receive a quote. You may ask yourself why – we will tell you that this quote they provide you with varies greatly depending on the time of year and how busy they are. Basically, if a competitor DJ Services company decides that they do not really require your business, they will severely inflate the amount that they quote you. For example, booking in summer will have a much larger cost than if you book during winter if you were to hire a competitor’s DJ Services.
For these reasons, Ultimate DJ Productions ensures that this does not happen by providing quotes which can be freely viewed on our website to save you time in ringing around for a good price. We have nothing to hide and try to be as transparent as possible in the way we operate.
All pricing is inclusive of GST and includes the following:
  • Pioneer CD Players and Mixer plus RCF powered speakers
  • A Wireless Shure Microphone
  • 4 High-Quality Intelligent lights
  • A High-Output Martin Smoke or Bubble Machine

Corporate, Community Shows and Events

Quotes will depend on equipment you require (PA, Lighting & DJ) and the duration of the event. Please contact Ultimate DJ Productions to arrange a price for you event.

Travel and Accommodation Costs

If your function is located outside of the metropolitan area, travel and accommodation costs may be incurred.

Travel expenses are charged $50 per hour of travel there and back. This means if your function is located in Bunbury, this is 1.5 hours travel (3 hrs total) and would incur a $150 travel expense.

Accommodation isn’t always required dependent on function finish times and how far out from Perth your function is located. If accommodation is required and you have offered it to us, there would be no cost to you. Accommodation costs are only charged back to you with no inflation.

Additional Hire Equipment

Bubbles, Laser Lighting or Snow?

We have additional hire equipment available on request, such as specialised lighting and effects, or various projector screen formats. Please see below for details.

Note: A refundable bond is payable on equipment hire at 30% of total hire cost.


Additional Hire Equipment
Extra time after package $150 p/h
NEC Projector 4000 $200
16:10 75” Projector Screen $80
4:3 80” Projector Screen $80
4:3 120” Projector Screen $120
High Output Bubble Machine- 3,000+ Bubbles per minute $75
Laser Lighting- Standard or Twinkle/Firefly $50
Ultra-Violet Lighting Effect (glow in the dark) $75
High Output Snow Machine $60
Double Your Lighting Show- High Quality Lights $150
Double Your Sound System $250

 *Prices are subject to change on Public Holidays and Eves 30-50%