Why Use Us

When looking for a DJ, an Ultimate DJ will help to set the mood to create an inviting atmosphere for your guests to hit the dance floor, and make it a night to remember.

Don’t just ask about the price and leave it at that – look at what you are getting for your money and how much experience the DJ has, the quality of the equipment they are using and the way they are presenting themselves.

Ultimate DJ Productions uses only the best equipment:

  • Pioneer CD Players and Mixers
  • RCF Speakers and Subs
  • Technics Turntables
  • Martin Smoke Machines
  • LED Lighting

Our equipment is serviced and maintained regularly to keep it at a high-quality standard to ensure all our events are a success. And remember – a memorable night is a priceless night. Don’t just take our word for it, read what others have had to say about our DJs.

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0429 116 166


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